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I believe you have enough social media apps on your phone already. You have Behance, Flickr, Instagram, Tik-Tok, but then have you heard of VERO? VERO is not some new app. When I first joined VERO some years ago, I thought this was another social media that was just going to be like the rest. Likes, likes and more likes. It is more. It is a community. A community where it seems everyone looks out for one another. It’s shocking as you hardly know anyone on the app. Everything is virtual. I’m a fan of meeting people in person. Meeting to discuss ideas with other people, but personally, I think VERO tries as much as possible to bring that to a specific group of people.

This is not to compare social platforms. Maybe it is. I've used Instagram since I was in high school. It used to be a platform for photographers mostly, and then about 6 billion of the world owned phones and it became something different, more like a dating app. Yes, I do understand the idea behind social media, a place where people come to socialize, is that it?

We hear a lot of the time how motivational gurus and pundits tell us how to choose one specific niche and become masters in that. Now, I think that is what VERO has exactly done. It has built a platform for movie directors, photographers like myself, podcasters, painters, fine artists, musicians, etc. Name any kind of art and you will find it there. And this is beautiful. Whenever an artist joins this beautiful platform, he feels welcomed. There’s an option where you can introduce new users to the community when they join the app. You feel at home with lots of welcome messages.

Some of my favourite people on the app are the co-founder Ayman Hariri, Vera Lahoud . There are some amazing photographers on the app I really admire from afar and one is Candice.

Because of it being a community for artists, normal people (people who are not artists) tend to share works of art and that is the beauty of VERO. Not once have I written anything on any type of social media.

They have various options where you share more than photos and videos. It takes a step forward. It allows you to share books you are currently reading, a movie you have watched or watching currently, and music too. This is fun!

VERO’s options for sharing substance

This community is a place where the artist’s work is appreciated. This is a place where more than content is shared, substance and value also. Artists reach out in the comment section to share their thoughts about your work. What is more than that? Having the support of artists from Canada, America, Ghana, Lebanon, Lesotho, almost everywhere around the globe.

VERO is more than a social media. It’s a place of belonging.

It recently launched its new desktop app which I use regulary whenever I’m home sitting behind my desk. Clean and sleek. Simplicity at its best! Ad free and zero algorithm. This community allows you 100% freedom to create and share without insecurities.

This is my first, and no, they are not sponsoring this. Nothing is in this for me. These are my intentions and mine alone. VERO is not the new Instagram, it is the community the artist always wanted.



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