The Wage Mindset Is Your Biggest Enemy

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

What is a wage? This is a fixed regular payment earned for work or services, typically paid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Many of us have the “wage mindset” because it is all we have ever known.

In December 2022, it will be my 5th year making photos and I’m still struggling in some ways to establish myself as a photographer because I lacked some essential knowledge and refused to take action many times.

I’ve had my friends tell me, so won’t you stop this “photo-thing” and get an actual job? Then I ask them, “what is an actual job?”

Their response mostly goes something like this — go work for so and so and at the end of every month you will have some money in your pocket. This is not a bad idea. In fact, it is good, but we have always thought to be paid for everything and anything we do.

As a newbie, you lack experience and will need a good portfolio. This can only be done by shooting free work, and not talking about the months and years that it will take for one to find his niche and specialize.

People want to go to the gym for a week & want to see their body change.

If it doesn’t, they give up because they did not get the wage for going to the gym for a week, but change or success does not occur in a week. Stop thinking in terms of weeks and start thinking in terms of years. You should have the mindset of an investor.

Think of every action you make toward your growth as an investment that you WILL NOT get results for 6 months/a year/2 years/etc.

The more you invest, the greater the returns you can expect to see.

When you operate with this mindset, you will free yourself from the burden of expectations and you will experience exponential growth surely, but slowly.

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