The Photography Market Has Feelings

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Was the heading captivating enough? This isn’t click bait. The market indeed has feelings. What do you mean? Do you mean the market can feel and cry and can be greedy? Yes! The market can be. You like to think of the market as a group of people in suit and ties who hold brief cases and have straight faces and you’re afraid of them.

Everybody is a part of the market if you buy and or sell things; this could be a product or a service. The market is filled with people just like a country is filled with people. This is why businesses like to have a “target market” or “target audience.” The targeted audience is just the ideal client.

The market is a person, and there are thousands of people like that particular person. I want you to read this carefully. You need to create a person, or what the pros call an avatar. Ask questions and be smart about it to create this avatar (Now, I’m thinking about Aang; the last air bender).

Ask and answer the following questions about your avatar or the person you want to create. Let’s call my character Bob, and here are some questions.

What is Bob afraid of? What makes Bob angry? How old is Bob? Where does Bob stay? What is Bob’s biggest frustration? What kind of photographer is Bob looking for? What is the one thing Bob craves above anything else? What social media does Bob spend the most time on? Would Bob buy this product? Or read this blog? Or pre-order this book? Would Bob hire me?

These are only a few questions and these questions can change depending on the business or niche you specialize in. Now, all you’re doing here is that you want to please the “Bob market” and everyone who is like Bob. If Bob is ever angry with you or your service, you’re likely going to lose him as a prospect or client. The market has feelings.

The goal is to create a road map for Bob, who represents all the kinds of people you want to work with or for. You’ll be ready to sell or create a product when you reach your ideal consumer. If you want to make money, Bob has to spend money. I know that talking about this stuff might feel dirty, but if you wish to make money, you’ll have to invest your time in learning about your Bob.

What you’re looking for is this: wants, needs, pain points, and goals. If this can be achieved, you will be unstoppable because the market will love you.

Do you wish to be a photographer for mothers alone or pregnant women? Then you target Bob’s wife. This is how it works. You always want to please the market. How do you please the market? You do that by pleasing one group of people, people based on your avatar, and make them your target audience.

More to come

This is it for today! Thank you for checking it out. If you’re new here, I’m Clement Eastwood, a photographer and an author who has made it his mission to educate photographers. Tap on this link to have access to my books on photography. And here’s a link to my podcast.



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