Stop Dropping Your Price To Get Clients

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How many years have you run your photography business? How many clients did you land last year? Okay, how about last month, did you land any? Were you able to speak to anyone who might be interested in your service as a photographer? Are you struggling to network? Yes, you should answer all these questions.

But one question I need you to answer is this; why do you drop your price to land your clients? Why do you seem desperate? You’re struggling to land clients and the one you speak to are not interested in paying your worth and out of desperation and hunger (only thinking of the next meal) you drop your price so that you can double your client list. How is that working for you so far?

I’ve got news. It’s never about being cheaper to win more clients or sales or gigs. Don’t be the cheapest on the market with valuable stuff to give. How do you think your product or service is perceived when you drop your prices? Do you purchase anything cheap on the market? Don’t you want to buy things at reasonable prices? When a price is too good to be true, it’s either fraud or fake. You know this, yet you price this way and still wonder why you’re landing no clients.

I’m not saying you should price unreasonably, I’m saying stop cutting corners. You’re decreasing your price and you seem to not land anyone as the days turn to years. That’s not smart. Price in a way that after subtracting your cost from your revenue, you still have a good enough profit, else, what is the essence of running your business?

You do not know how to communicate and express the value you offer.

  1. You don’t believe you can deliver.
  2. You don’t believe you even have enough value to give.
  3. You lack confidence.

Pricing is 50% confidence, 30% value, 20% good communication.

Increase your perceived value through blog posts, social media, etc. Show up and name your price of your service with confidence. Don’t act desperate. Don’t be desperate. Respect yourself. Be a pro!

The prospect is interested in the results. If you can deliver, why are you afraid?

Have some confidence!!!

I think I should be mixing my articles with a little “French toast.” LOL. I love the mixture. Did you ever guess I’ll mix English with French? Anyway… I’m Clement Eastwood, a photographer and an author who has made it his mission to educate photographers. Tap on this link to have access to my books on photography. And here’s a link to my podcast



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