Pornography & Creative Block

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You reading this have been exposed to pornography. It’s no secret anymore that pornography is the norm today. Pornography has destroyed the lives of countless people, probably you even, and you know its effects on the human brain and life.

Now, I’m going to be sharing something brief about this subject. Pornography is a malady which nobody is fighting. Yes, there are a few people who speak against it, including some religious entities, and apart from that, no more.

Pornography and the artist are enemies to each other. Porn destroys the artist and stops him or her from creating. Quick advice: if you want to stop creating, keep watching porn and jerk off.

The thing about porn is that it’s glorified in this age. Scroll a minute or two on social media, then it pops up. Scroll through a bunch of movies on Netflix, then boom, in your face you have it.

The two major disadvantages of pornography are…; Well, before I mention them know this: there are no advantages to watching pornography. It makes no sense. You have two or more people having sex on camera, with false moans, let’s be serious, nothing good comes out of it. I mean, if you have ever been to a movie set where the directors were doing their jobs: telling the actors what and what not to do, it’s the same with pornography. It’s not real sex, bro! It’s not! They are directed to do things which are absurd in real life.

Now, the two advantages are:

Porn is stealing creativity from you: I’m not going to get scientific here, I’m going to tell you that the more you watch that, the more you harm your creative sides. In my book Reclaim Your Creativity, I doubt I talked about porn being one of the major reasons we lack creativity. Pornography distorts your mind and allows you to live in fantasy. It disrupts your ideas.

Thing #2 is that pornography makes you feel worthless. Now, if you have ever been addicted to pornography, you know what this means. Porn will leave you visionless. It drains your energy both physically and, I think spiritually, as well. It’s your enemy, dear reader. A worthless man or woman does not pursue anything worthwhile, and if you keep feeding yourself with pornography, you’re going to be on the losing side, no matter what. It’ll destroy your professional life and personal life as well.

Now, if you want to check out a book on pornography and how to overcome this malady, I have written and published a book on this topic, The Christian and Porn Addiction.

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Don’s look at porn!



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