How I Got Into Photography

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In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you how I got into photography.

In 2016, I had completed high school, and I had already failed my final exam twice. I wrote 2 more times and failed 2 more times.

Fast forward in the next year, I submitted to different schools. I decided I would teach, and I got called for one job.

This school was far from home, and the salary was bad. I quit and got into a different school. The salary was still not great, and it was far from home, but I worked anyway until they fired me.

I’m going to talk about this in a different episode.

After I got fired, I got myself a different teaching job. I had to quit to focus on my studies in order to rewrite my Maths paper, this was in 2017. And I still failed.

So, I got another job and quit.

I kept quitting whatever I was doing for whatever reason

After I quit being a teacher in the last school that employed me, I reached out to a photograph in my church at the time and told him I wanted to learn.

He needed the help because he did more than photography in the church.

His name is frank. Now, frank gave me some photography tutorials to watch.

Mind you, I was watching these tutorials without a camera. I had no camera. It was just me and the videos.

After a few weeks of watching a practicing with just the church camera during the service, I had mastered the exposure triangle and composition. That was enough to take photos.

Not long after that, I became the one overseeing photography in the church. This was still in 2017.

By the end of 2017, I could gain a camera with the help of my mom and aunt. This was the Nikon D7100 and a kit lens.

It all started from there. And I’ve been shooting ever since.

Quick one: All I wanted was something reasonable I would enjoy and call work and photography seemed like the perfect job.

I’ll be glad to hear your stories. Please, leave your answers in the comment.

Share with us how you got into photography.

Have a great day!



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