Happy New Month, Dear Photographer

Today is the first of February and it’s shocking January has ended already. I thought it was going to take like,700 days for January to end but it didn’t look like it. This should tell you one thing — time is not waiting for you.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Time waits for no man as the poem says. I’m certain you started this year with a set of goals. Did you achieve any last month? If you didn’t then this is the time to put in the work.

I did not start this year with any set of goals. In fact, the first time I planned my year, which was 2020, everything went bollocks. Everything turned upside down. Nothing was encouraging and I should say I really suffered for it.

Do I have a reason for writing this article today? Not so much. I only want to encourage you as a creative person. The task ahead of you is not an easy one, especially if you are a one-person business or a freelancer. You know you’ve got to do a lot of the work, or maybe all of the work.

Set monthly goals, and divide them into weekly goals. What do you want to achieve this month? Now, what are you going to do in the upcoming weeks to achieve them?

Personally, I want to get more eyes seeing the content I make on Twitter and having fruitful conversations with the audience I have amassed. I look forward to having a strong relationship with them by giving them value and interacting with them. I didn’t use to do this and I realized, I only had followers and not a strong audience who will want to interact with me.

Of course, they are there to grasp the value I can offer, but that is all. Zero relationship status. Nothing more. This month I plan to interact with them more and more and create a community for artists where value is given to them.

One thing I learned throughout last year was that most of us as people waste time on things that do not help us in any way. We focus on everything and gain nothing at all. We give all of our time to people and we do not have enough time for ourselves to make the content we ought to make.

This month, I am encouraging you to focus on things that are essential to you. You have noticed how January ended early. Time waits for no man, not even the most powerful person on planet earth.

Take a pen and paper and write out the things which are essential to you as a creative person. How many projects do you wish to get done this month? How much do you wish to earn this month? What kind of people are you looking to collaborate with?

What I’m saying here is that be intentional about the things you do. Intentionality is what will set you apart from the crowd. Be intentional. if you want to be rich, be intentional about it. If you want to create more photos, be intentional about it. Mediocrity does not make an artist. It is intentionality. Be intentional this month.

Thank you for checking out this article. If this brought you value, please do well to join my Telegram channel of an artistic community where I bring you marketing techniques to help you convert prospects to clients.



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