Don’t Make Assumptions. Your Job is to Make Photographs!

Photo by Samsung Memory on Unsplash

We often make wrong assumptions. To be a photographer is to make photos and share them (at least the ones you want).

When it comes to photography, the #1 assumption beginners & some pros make is “this should go viral.”

Or they say, “it’s not looking good, it won’t go viral. Should I share or not?”
These assumptions are based on your thought process. I sometimes make these assumptions too.
But if you have realized, the photo you expected to go viral does not.

And the one which you did not expect to go viral does.

This is why you ought to stop assuming as a creator. You never know what is going to perform well. You don’t own the market.

Your job is to share your art and leave the rest. You don’t control the results.

Your job is to make photos. Your job is to create lots of photos. It’s the game of volumes (quantity. Create more). Create as much as you can. This is what photographers do.

Stop making assumptions.

Keep creating.



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