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Clement Eastwood | The Art Shire
2 min readNov 24, 2022
Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

It’s a tough journey for us all, if I’m going to be honest. Everyone seems to be having a hard time and everyone seems to be figuring their lives out. You know, many of you, including myself, were not born with an already laid out plan for our lives. Even if there was a plan, many would rebel. We are all in the process of figuring it out. All of it. From school, life, business, relationships, etc. It’s a tough one.

There are many opportunities today that we hardly know what we want. Maybe that’s a bad thing. It has its upsides.

But you need to ask one question, and it’s one simple word. WHY?

Why do I want to do this?

Why do I want to do that?

If you why is not strong, you’re not going to want to pursue anything worthwhile. You’re going to give up at some point.

On my way to purchase food, I met with an electrician friend who is married and has two beautiful children. I’m interested in talking about the family, very. I believe it’s the most beautiful thing on planet earth. We had a long conversation about the family and he kept hitting on why he has to wake up and show up. He summarized it all in one sentence; I do it for my family!

Wow. Now he has found something greater than himself to serve. When service is done for another with the sole purpose of making them succeed, you give it your all. If all you do is for you, at some point, your motivation is going to run low. It’s not about your passion or your love for the craft that keeps you in the long game. It’s your passion for the people you serve.

Have a new perspective. Have a new mindset of — “I exist for this other person.” A tree does not exist for itself. It exists for another purpose than self. Trees give us oxygen, they give shade, and they provide fruits.

What do you do? Who do you live for? Because you’re living for something or somebody.

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