Breaking Out Of Obscurity As A Photographer

Photo by J A N U P R A S A D on Unsplash

How does the photographer overcome obscurity?

The simple and short answer is; be visible.

All artists know this truth, which is why we always want to be known. In the art sector, if you are not known, then you’re probably broke. Skilled and smart photographers are known. People who just get by are not known. Again, be visible.

I could end the article here and you should know what I mean, but for the sake of writing (I love to write) I shall add a few lines.

To be known, be visible. Choose a platform that works for you. They say go where you’re appreciated, not where you are tolerated. You want to be on a platform that appreciates your work and celebrates you when or if you win. I use VERO and I use Instagram. Why VERO? Because my fine art is appreciated on that app. Why Instagram? Because my headshots are appreciated there. But then, it’s all about the market (audience). What are they responding to?

Headhsots on Instagram because I can win headshot gigs on there. I network with people who want that. If the market doesn’t respond to your work or responds negatively to your work, then you don’t have a market.

If only photographers are commenting on your work, then it’s even a bigger problem. Are photographers your clients? If they are not, then they are the wrong people to be commenting on your work.

The market responds to what it sees. What are you making available? Don’t believe the bullsh*t of being scarce. Coca-cola isn’t scarce, are people drinking it less? Do pay ads, if you must. You want to break out of obscurity, then this is the way. Be present. Dominate the field. Let your name be synonymous with a product or service. Be the next Lamborghini in photography or Calvin Klein. You can do that and you should in order to break out of obscurity.

Winning is only possible with massive actions.

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