Benefits of Using twitter As a Photographer

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

Twitter is that most people do not use because it does not have the feel of Instagram or TikTok but it still has a massive audience. There are millions of people on this app. It is estimated that Twitter has about 396.5 million users globally, and 206 active users daily. If you’re not on twitter, then, I have only one question for you, why?

So, why should you use Twitter? Well, I just shared point number one. Use it because there are real people there, just like there are real people on Instagram. Photographers love to share their work for many reasons, but the number one reason has always been for people to see their work. The mindset is this: if they cannot see my work, how will I get hired? And this is true. People only buy what they can see. As much as it’s a need, nobody goes around buying oxygen, unless, of course, you need help in breathing in the hospital.

Better Quality Images. Twitters does not automatically crop the size of your photos. It allows you to share it unless you want to crop it. What prospects are looking for is quality. I’m not saying Instagram has too much inferior quality that you can’t land clients, I’m saying Twitter is even better.

Now, this is the most important benefit you can give to your prospects and clients. Twitter, you see, is not a photo-sharing app. It allows you to tweet, “what’s happening?” It’s more than a photo-sharing app and this is what makes it stand out.

If you use twitter, you have an advantage over the photographer who uses Insta alone. how? You get to connect with your audience and it’s not always about your photo and caption: welcome to a word texts and threads.

You can share your opinions without a photograph, and this is amazing! This is what I’m doing on my new twitter profile for graduation photos. I’m going to be sharing about the life of students and that is what is going to draw more eyes and allow my profile to stand out.

Thank you for reading. See you in the next article. If you are struggling to stay creative as an artist, I’ve published a book I’ll love you to check out. A book to get your creative spark burning. Tap on the link to have access.



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