Achieving Status as a Photographer

Photo by Kevin Fitzgerald on Unsplash

Status is not something everyone wishes to have because to be consumed by it will only produce negative results. We’ve seen people throughout history do absurd things and have lost friends and family in the name of chasing wealth and status.

We live in an age where gaining status or prominence can be equated to success. As a Ghanaian creative person, I’ve seen how some famous musicians died broke and how the music industry or creative industry even treats its people in a bad way. So, what do these artists have? They only have their fame and from their fame, they have made use of it by building schools, writing books, and so on.

In this article, I’m going to be writing to you how you can gain status as a photographer or a creative person. It’s not complicated, but it is no effortless task.

Use social media. Social media is not the real world, yet almost everyone in the real world is present there. People go on there to get entertained and get educated. It has become a business platform.

How do you gain status in this virtual world? The answer is straightforward: give value! Position yourself as an authority in your field by giving out valuable information. If people like what you put out, they will follow, share and like your work. These are the currencies on social media. Please, do not be consumed! It’s creation vs consumption on social media. be sure to be the creator. The man who consumes is not known because he does not invent anything. The inventor is a producer and he is known. Use your knowledge to teach and make money off these platforms as a creative person.

As a photographer, this can mean you using social media as your portfolio and not some funny memes. I see this done always. I see a photographer’s space and it’s filled with memes. Does he or she not treat it as a business anymore?

I bring this article to an end.

If you are not achieving the status you want, it’s probably because of these one or more Ws.

Where you share you work.

What you share.

When you share.

Why you share.

Status is subjective. Define what status means to you and go hard at it. Make sure to produce valuable work so your consumer loves it and will turn on your post notification!



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